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Private Investigator's Legal Pocket Guide

$ 4.95
by: Ron Hankin
Softcover, 3 1/2 x 5, 66 pages


Packed with crucial information for PI's in the field. Fingertip access to legalities surrounding:

  • Use of a false identity
  • Eavesdropping
  • Surveillance photography
  • Utilizing tracking devices
  • Release of non-public information
  • Arrest authority and Miranda requirements
  • Limitation of using ruses

    *** Limited time FREE when you purchase Navigating the Legal Minefields of Private Investigations

    ...more detail

  • Armed Response: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Firearms for Self-Defense

    $ 19.95
    by: David S. Kenik
    Softcover, 6x9, 192 pages


    A complete overview on defensive shooting tactics.
    Massad Ayoob, Director, Lethal Force Institute says," An excellent starting text for the first-time gun owner or the citizen just beginning to explore armed self-defense."

    ...more detail

    Bad Check Recovery Program CD

    $ 29.95
    by: Sgt. Angelo J. DeLeon, (Ret.)
    Software Program for Windows ONLY


    Customized for All 50 States and D.C.! Password Protected and Ready to Create Reports!

    Like having an on-staff collections team without the overhead. This easy-to-use program will likely pay for itself overnight by helping you quickly and effectively collect on bad checks of all sizes yourself.

    The pre-programmed process is amazingly simple:

    ...more detail

    Criminal Law for Security Professionals NYS

    $ 29.95
    by: Terrance W. Hoffman, M.A.L.S.
    Looseleaf & 274 page insert


    No security officer cann afford to be without this guide ...period!

    Overflowing with current, accurate and absolutely essential information on the laws that dictate justifiable on-duty actions as well as legally sound decision-making.

    Automatic annual updates keep you alert to crucial changes in the law, court decisions and state-mandated training requirements.

    Ensure your legal stability and reduce personal ...more detail

    Deadly Force - Constitutional Standards, Federal Guidelines and Officer Survival

    $ 8.95
    by: John Michael Callahan, Jr.
    Softcover 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 52 pages


    Be Prepared To Quickly and Confidently Evaluate a Deadly Force Decision!

    This to-the-point guide effectively explores the crucial elements of deadly force decision-making, from understanding the constitutional standards and the legalities involved in justifying their application to the pivotal details of both the "Dangerousness Component" and the "Necessity Component."

    Created in an easy-to-read format, this book helps you rise to the challenges of deadly force decision-making while protecting yourself ...more detail

    Duties & Responsibilities for NYS Security Officers - 3rd Edition

    $ 19.95
    by: Terrance W. Hoffman, M.A.L.S.
    Softcover, 6 x 9, 246 pages


    This edition expands on two crucial, mandated topics! Focuses on emergency management and explains in greater depth the discussion on terrorism.

    The most comprehensive manual ever offered for prospective security officers - exceeds New York State's standards for Security training.

    Covers everything from legal powers and limitations to use-of-force issues and tips for handling a myriad of emergency situations including terrorism. Expertly based on knowledge required of security personnel by NYS ...more detail

    Essential Guide To Handguns: Firearms Instruction for Personal Defense and Protection

    $ 24.95
    by: Stephen R. Rementer, Bruce Eimer, Ph.D
    Softcover, 6 x 9, 300+ pages


    DOWNLOAD NOW! This title is now available as a download for your Android, iDevice, Kindle or Nook! Click on the Red Box on the upper right side of our homepage.

    A must for every responsible gun owner!

    Gun ownership has inherent responsibilities, including the knowledge needed for weapon care, the wisdom to choose the gun that fits your personal abilities plus the skill and training ...more detail

    Handgun Combatives 1st Edition

    $ 19.95
    by: Dave Spaulding
    Softcover, 6 x 9, 212 pgs; 60 + pictures


    "One of the most sought after training references in existence today." - Director Chuck Humes, Jr., Police Institute of Tactical Training

    Extremely popular and hailed by trainers and officers nationwide as one of the most realistic, all-encompassing firearms guides ever published. Handgun Combatives overflows with the street-proven wisdom and priceless advice of prominent gun expert Dave Spaulding.


  • insight into weapon,
  • ammo and holster selection,
  • grip tips ...more detail

  • Instinct Combat Shooting: Defensive Handgunning for Police - 3rd Edition

    $ 17.95
    by: Chuck Klein
    Softcover, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 128 pages


    Packed with proprietary insight into the popular approach to threat response that can make a life-or-death difference in an armed encounter! Nationally recognized firearms expert, Chuck Klein, the pioneer developer of "instinct shooting," shares understandable, common-sense instruction into conditioning yourself to fire quickly and accurately without losing valuable time scrambling for sight pictures.

    "... a must read for those interested in the tactics of defensive handgunning." - Law ...more detail

    Invasion of Privacy and the Law

    $ 16.95
    by: Ron Hankin
    Softcover, 6 x 9, 140 pgs


    DOWNLOAD NOW! This title is now available as a download for your Android, iDevice, Kindle or Nook! Click on the Red Box on the upper right side of our homepage.

    Invasion of Privacy and the Law 28 Cornerstone Court Decisions Every Officer and PI Should Know

    Fully grasp the laws surrounding invasion of privacy and understand how they apply to private detectives and sworn ...more detail

    Navigating the Legal Minefield of Private Investigations

    $ 24.95
    by: Ron Hankin
    Softcover, 6 x 9, 232 pgs


    DOWNLOAD NOW! This title is now available as a download for your Android, iDevice, Kindle or Nook! Click on the Red Box on the upper right side of our homepage.

    A Career-Saving Guide for Private Investigators, Detectives, and Security Police.

    Expertly designed to teach, clarify and provide immediate in-the-field reference! Understanding the laws of private investigations can keep you out of court, the unemployment line...or ...more detail

    No One Trips Over a Mountain

    $ 9.95
    by: Det. Joseph Petrocelli and Prof. Matthew Petrocelli
    Softcover, 4 1/4 X 5 1/2, 160 pages


    Quick tips at a glance. This incredibly easy to read collection of quick-hit nuggets of advice, insights and observations will have a major impact on your safety and effectiveness.

    * Practical * Tactical * Emotional * Profound.

    Nearly a quarter of a century of knowledge and experience packed into this amazingly useful collection of police wisdom.

    Sections include: Every Cop Knows...

  • Tactical Considerations
  • Training for the job
  • ...more detail

  • Proven Strategies for Effective Community Oriented Policing

    $ 16.95
    by: Lt. Steven L. Rogers
    Softcover, 6 x 9, 162 pgs


    Bridge the gap between community and law enforcement!


  • Management methods for improving community relations.
  • Strategies for successfully engaging youth.
  • Plans for leveraging patrol to increase positive relations and intelligence gathering.
  • Considerations when handling diversity, tolerance anad hate crime issues.

    A great companion to 21st Century Policing by Lt. Rogers.

    ...more detail

  • Retail Theft Reports Program CD

    $ 29.95
    by: Angelo DeLeon, (Ret.)
    CD for Windows OS only


    more detail

    Terrorism Prevention & Response Guide - 3rd Edition

    $ 21.95
    by: Cliff Mariani
    Softcover, 6 x 9, 286 pages


    DOWNLOAD NOW! This title is now available as a download for your Android, iDevice, Kindle or Nook! Click on the Red Box on the upper right side of our homepage.

    REVISED ...more detail

    Terrorism Prevention & Response Pocket Reference - 3rd Edition

    $ 3.95
    by: Cliff Mariani & James Mariani
    Softcover, 3 1/2 x 4 1/2, 40 pages


    Perfect pocket companion for quick reference to agency contacts, anti-terrorism checklists, emergency protocols and other crucial mass emergency information.

    Custom branding for agencies and organizations, including emblems and custom wording, may be available on some orders. Call 1-800-647-5547 for full details.

    Shipping/Handling - $2.50 for 1, $4.00 for 2, .50 each additional

    ...more detail

    Klein's Uniform Firearms Policy: A Manual for Private Sector Detectives and Security Agents

    $ 6.95
    by: Chuck Klein
    Softcover, 4 1/4 x 5 1/2, 54 pages


    Priceless insurance in a pocket-sized package!

    Packed with legal insight for every armed, private-sector professional and lowers liability by increasing legal understanding. Covers the key topics every private detective and security officer must understand to defend him- or herself on the job and in court.

    Includes expert explanations and interpretations of firearms laws, advice for navigating post-shooting investigations, tactical tips for effective armed defense, helpful definitions and court-ready statements that help ...more detail

    A Proactive Law Enforcement Guide to the War on Terror Pocket Guide

    $ 9.95
    by: Lou Savelli
    Softcover, 5 1/2 x 4 1/4, 120 pages


    An excellent addition to Looseleaf's Terrorism Prevention and Response book by Cliff Mariani!

    Packed with valuable counter-terror intelligence presented in a quick-hit format.

    Topics include:

  • Suggestions for enforcement counter-terror tools officers should carry
  • Tips for spotting out-of-the-ordinary people and situations that can indicate trouble
  • Insight into identifying fake documentation
  • Terrorist investigation strategies
  • Exploration of the killer terrorist mind-set
  • Domestic terrorist groups.

    This counter-terrorism ...more detail

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